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Value is an Ongoing Assessment

By Donna Shuler

When I started my business, assigning a value to my services that factored in time, expertise, and experience was the hardest task. Where do you even begin?

1. Determine How Your Services Benefit Customers

When you examine why customers need your services in the first place, you’ll get closer to realizing the value. Maybe your experience keeps them from chasing a solution that isn’t feasible. Your expertise might be just the guidance they need to save them from making a costly mistake. The time you spend on a task might free them up to spend time on things that improve their quality of life. Consider just how important those things are to you and you will begin to understand the value of your services. ...and then, of course, factor in the measurable time that you and your staff spend delivering those services.

Here are a couple of other assessments that you should always revisit as your business grows:

2. Keep Presenting Yourself, Not Just Your Business

When you are the face of your business whether at a networking event, a scheduled promotional event, or one-on-one with a customer, it may just be the impression you make that closes the sale. Prospective buyers are not only looking for competence but confidence and polish. They want to know that you care enough about your business and the services you provide to not only know your stuff but to put your best foot forward.

3. It’s OK to Brag

It takes a deft hand to identify a problem or need customers have then craft the ideal solution. That is a story you should be proud to tell. Continue highlighting how your business is engaged with your current and prospective customers and with the market. As times and tastes change, let your story of keep pace with those changes. Political strategist James Carville often says “gloat and promote”. Let your customers (and competitors and stakeholders) know just how successful you have been and how much your services have improved their lives. Don’t’ hesitate to use real life examples and scenarios and projections as a reminder of just how much they need you.

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