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Grace, Time, and Priorities.

By S. Kathryn Allen

Owning a business is the ultimate exercise in trial and error. Despite all the lessons and rules that we are given, we end up identifying our most productive activities through the real time results of being pulled in several different directions. And when you are a one (1) or two (2) person business, that list of activities may seem endless but lean into it. You will learn about each facet of your business and those lessons will save you time and money as you grow. Early on, we learned which tasks give our business the biggest bang for its buck and it continues to inform how we move. Here are some points that helped us set our priorities and ultimately work smarter, not harder:

  • As you grow and complete tasks that seem like a waste of time, give yourself grace. You will have spent hose hours discovering what works (and why) and when you scale up, you’ll be glad you didn’t learn that lesson on a higher level when more was at risk.

  • …but don’t throw good time after bad. Use due diligence and lessons learned to set your firm’s priorities. Look at the outcomes then reconcile that with your business’ profile. Was one of your moves a dud? Did you discover something that paid off in new customers or a new idea for a product or service? Redirect your resources accordingly.

  • Take note of what you like and what you are good at. Your energy is an asset. If you drain it, you can’t be the best steward for your business.

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