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The Nation's Top Business Owners  

Unapologetically Growing Together

About The BOW Collective

THE BOW COLLECTIVE,™ is an organization and sisterhood of the Nation's top 1% of small business owners. As "Business Philanthropists" we work together to bring awareness, business opportunities, and capital resources to entrepreneurs. In addition, we actively create the pipeline of successful entrepreneurship by training, counseling and partnering with emerging businesses.  

About TBC

Purpose of

The BOW Collective

The BOW COLLECTIVE™ wants to create a powerful sisterhood and social capital focused on bringing awareness to our businesses in a unified and strategic manner.  We want to create a platform for the media, the public/ private sector or lending institutions to look to find and do business with diverse women.

Join the Cause

The BOW Collective is a different kind of organization. We are members who work together to grow together. We want our partners to see and support our effort by using their resources to do business with our members. Because when The BOW Collective grows, so do our communities. 

The Bow Collective is also creating a pipeline of further 1M+ business owners. 

Giving Financial resources to The BOW Collective ensures that our businesses are properly capitalized to hire FTEs, expand to new locations and improve the communities within which they reside.



Nic Cober, Esquire

Our Founder believes that scaling successful enterprises will strengthen the economic base of communities.  "As people, we give back to many of community institutions: our churches, our sororities and our schools.  If we focused some of our time, talent and treasures on supporting our business growth, it would have a seismic impact on our communities for generations to come. The women of the BOW Collective are "Business Philanthropists." 

Ms. Cober is anchored in the business community with the following roles:

Principal Managing Partner of Cober Johnson & Romney

Member of the National Women’s Business Council

Recipient of the 2018 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award and Board Member for Enterprising Women

Commentator for Fox 5 DC and WJLA

Guest Speaker at Harvard Business School

Guest Lecturer at Georgetown University

Emerging Leaders Instructor for the Small Business Administration

2019.11.16_Nic_Cober_Johnson_00002 - Copy.jpg

What does "the BOW" symbolize? 

A bow tie represents an elegant gathering and professionalism. THE BOW COLLECTIVE will always endeavor to focus on scaling our businesses with grace and professionalism. Moreover, we will remain tied in unity to grow our sisters in business.

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